100% Fed and Finished Beef

 Not all grass fed beef is created equal. We believe A Healthy Herd starts at day one. We keep a small herd of black and red angus cows.  We have spent many years carefully selecting genetics that produce strong hardy calves that preform well in our areas varying climate and conditions. We breed for spring calving. The grass is rich and lush, the weather is mild and warm. This allows our mamas to be well nourished when the calves arrive in May. In addition, the calves then receive that nutrient rich milk to get a healthy start to their growth. We then keep our calves with their mothers thru the winter to ensure their immune system is solid and growth is steady. Our market beef then stays with our herd thru the second summer where they are allowed to finish gaining on green pastures. We harvest our market beef in October at the peak of gain to ensue our beef has proper fat content. We process all of our beef at a USDA inspected facility, where it passes all the rigorous checks and balances.  We pride ourselves on knowing these animals from the day they arrive to the day they come home to your families table.