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We are a family owned and operated Farm specializing in the small batch farming of grass fed beef, pasture raised poultry and naturally raised pork.


Our Family Farm

Based in Parkdale, Oregon
"Committed to consciously raising healthy food
for ourselves and our community"
Our Farming Methods

We breed for spring calving. The grass is rich and lush, the weather is mild and warm.
This allows the mother cows to be well nourished when the calves arrive in May.

Following this practice means the calves receive nutrient rich milk to get a healthy start to their growth.

Wild Raised Heritage Pork

Our pigs are raised in a natural environment where they enjoy a natural quality of life. 

Pastured Poultry

Cornish Cross Chickens - Beautiful plump pasture raised Cornish cross chickens.  Look for our fresh chicken to be available in late May – July. 


Broad breasted Bronze /Spanish Black heritage X Turkeys

Master foragers that produce beautiful breast meat.

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