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"Changing the way we love food, one table at a time..."

We like our steak rare, particularly with such a tender cut.  With a family of 5 we long abandoned the “one steak for each person” standard and opt instead to serve it sliced (after resting of course) with plenty seasonal sides.

"With really good meat, its quality not quantity that counts.

I can say with certainty, no one has ever left my table still hungry."

smoked turkey.jpg

The heritage Turkey is a favorite among foodies for its greater dimension of flavor and texture than standard meat breeds.

Some say its closer to that of a wild turkey.  The birds take twice as long to finish in the pasture and cook in half the time.

I tried a over brine for the first time with this one.  The meat of his bird was absolutely out of this world.

Good bone broth starts with good 100% grass fed bones! Our family has come to count on this delicious, nutrition packed boost as one of our daily staples.


"Your best defense against viruses is a strong solid immune system"

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