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Driven by Nature

We believe small batch farming is the key to the health and sustainability of our product. Small herd sizes allow us to mimic more closely a natural life cycle for our animals and to give more individualized care when needed. In addition we consistently keep our animals grazing on greener pastures. We have land leased in three counties to ensure access to a variety of forage and seasonal conditions.

Spring & Summer

For the love of water!  We are so fortunate to be finishing our grass fed beef on lush green grass in August!!  Resource management is a full-time responsibility and just one of many that makes this whole thing work.

The key element to raising really good grass fed beef Is really good Grass! Diversity in their forage is a constant juggle of hot fence, water and weather.

We then keep our calves with their mothers thru the winter to ensure their immune system is solid and growth is steady. Our market beef animals stay with the herd thru the second summer where they can finish gaining on green pastures.



BEEF -Driven by Nature

Winter: Our herd spends the winter months on ground along the Klickitat River.

​We are so fortunate to have family at the Hathaway Farm with this beautiful land.


This perfect partnership allows us to keep the herd well fed on good green alfalfa hay all winter.



The lowland sandy banks of the river offer a natural refuge when other pastures are still covered in snow or have turned to mud.

We harvest our market beef in October at the peak of gain to ensure our beef has proper fat content. We process all our beef at a USDA inspected facility, where it passes all the rigorous checks and balances.  We pride ourselves on knowing these animals from the day they arrive to the day they come home to your family’s table

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